History of Art 5622 - From Dad to Dictatorship



Professor Lisa Florman

This course surveys developments in European art and culture between the two World Wars, a period that saw the world order of the nineteenth century—defined, on one hand, by the political arrangement of Great Powers, and on the other, by unbridled laissez-faire capitalism—succumb to a fatal crisis, in which the ultra-nationalist Right and communist Left emerged as primary actors. Over the span of the semester, we will track the metamorphoses of art and culture in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the United States, among other key theaters of artistic experimentation, focusing on the interplay of art and radical politics, but with an eye toward the global re-stabilization of political and cultural authority soon to follow after World War II.



MONDAY & WEDNESDAY 2:20 - 3:40 p.m. 

Undergrad Class # 34907; Graduate Class # 34909