History of Art 8821 - CHINESE ART AND CULTURE UNDER MAO ZEDONG (1949-1979)


History of Art 8821 - CHINESE ART AND CULTURE UNDER MAO ZEDONG (1949-1979)

Professor Julia Andrews

This seminar will focus on approaches to Chinese art and culture during the first three decades of the People’s Republic of China, leading up to and including the Cultural Revolution, as evidenced in a selection of artworks, public works projects, ephemera, photography, and film. Readings in key scholarly writings, along with slide discussions of selected works of art, will culminate in independent research projects. Among questions to be considered are cultural continuities and ruptures between the era of high Maoism and the present day.


Thursdays | 2:15 - 5:00 p.m. | Pomerene 236