History of Art 3005 - Christian Art



Professor Barbara Haeger

This course is intended as an introduction to the wide range of forms and functions of Christian images and spaces from their origin until about 1700.  Particular attention will be paid to how the objects and spaces give expression to particular beliefs, facilitate worship, and structure the beholder’s experience. While sites of communal worship (e.g. churches and their cult objects, altarpieces and other liturgical furniture) will figure prominently in this exploration, objects that facilitate private devotions (e.g. illustrated books and manuscripts, portable altars, and domestic painting) and give form to both the individual’s hopes for salvation and place within the community (e.g. tombs, epitaphs, donor portraits) will also be considered. Finally, some attention will also be given to programs and images portraying Christian themes and subjects that were employed to assert institutional (both ecclesiastical and temporal) power and authority.


Class # 33032

MON & WEDS 2:20 - 3:40