History of Art 3611 - Impressionism, Then and Now



Professor Andrew Shelton

This course offers a historical and critical exploration of one of the most beloved movements in the entire history of Western art: French Impressionism. In addition to considering the major artists of this movement and the social, political, and cultural contexts in which they lived and worked, the course will also examine the enduring fascination with Impressionism throughout the past 100 years. Among the questions we will ask: Is the current popularity of Impressionism based on a mis-understanding of the radical nature of what was in reality a revolutionary art form; or, alternatively, is its current stature based on a legitimate appreciation of what is a quintessentially “easy,” escapist, “viewer-friendly” art form? How is it that the precedent of French Impressionism continues to inform so powerfully our ideas and values about art today?  


Class # 33033

TUES & THURS | 5:30 - 6:50 | Pomerene Hall Room 150