History of Art 2001: History of Western Art I: Ancient & Medieval Worlds


History of Western Art I: Ancient & Medieval Worlds

This course examines the history of Western Art (architecture, painting and sculpture) from the third millennium BCE through the fifteenth century CE. Rather than a complete “survey” of that period, the course will concentrate its attention on a select group of representative monuments. We will examine not only the monuments themselves, but also the historical context in which they were produced in order to explore their purpose and the way that they functioned. There will be a strong emphasis on visual analysis and understanding how visual forms convey meaning and relate to the viewer. Our goal is to impart not only a body of knowledge but also a set of critical tools, which you should be able to apply to even material not specifically covered in this course.

Not open to students with credit for 201 or 210
This course is available for EM credit
GE VPA and historical study and diversity global studies course

Summer 2021
Class #14655
May 12- July 2
Online and asynchronous