History of Art 2003: The Art and Visual Culture of East Asia


The Art and Visual Culture of East Asia

This course is an introduction to the major artistic and cultural trends of East Asia since the Neolithic Period, focusing primarily on China, Japan, and Korea. It looks at major developments within each region and moments of cross-cultural encounters. Using primary sources and object analysis, this course will engage students in dialogues that scrutinize the relationship between art and the writing of history, the development of world religions, modernization, conflicts, politics, and authority. Students will look at paintings, statues, monuments, prints, architecture, and photographs in order to contextualize and analyze how art from China, Japan, and Korea informs the way we see, engage with, and think about each place, and even the idea of East Asia more generally.

Summer 2021
Class #22416
June 8- July 30
Online and asynchronous