About the PhD Program


Introducing the Doctoral Program: Why our program is different

Ohio State’s Department of History of Art features world-class research and teaching in a wide variety of geographic areas and periods. It is especially noted for its programs in East Asian, Latin American, and Western art, where faculty expertise embraces the Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern traditions. Its strength in Modern and Contemporary art, areas where it has wide-ranging expertise (painting, sculpture, new media, film), is among the most cutting-edge anywhere. Interdisciplinary studies embracing the overlap between regions and cultures are enthusiastically encouraged.

Graduate teaching at Ohio State emphasizes research seminars where faculty work side-by-side with small groups of students to conceive and develop innovative art historical thinking and research. Graduate seminars are generally taught thematically in order to develop students’ methodological and historiographical sophistication in ways valuable across the entire discipline. In many cases, faculty design seminars and graduate lectures around a specific graduate student’s interests and needs, making for a remarkably collaborative learning environment. Indeed, the faculty prides itself on the quality of its graduate teaching and mentoring, which is reflected in the superb job placement rate of the department’s students.