Funding Opportunities


University-Wide Fellowships

The History of Art Department is allowed to nominate 3-4 of its most promising applicants in the University Fellowship competition. These awards include both single- and multiple-year fellowships, and are designed to attract those students who bring academic excellence to the department and diversity to our campus. You can read more about fellowship opportunities offered by the University here.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

Each year we offer Graduate Teaching positions to our current and incoming graduate students. Incoming students are guaranteed 4-6 years of GTA funding when they are accepted (depending on whether or not they already have earned their MA prior to their enrollment at OSU). These GTA positions include a fee waiver for tuition and fees, a subsidy of 85% of the student health insurance premiums, and a monthly stipend. The teaching assistantships also provide an opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience. The GTA opportunities range from grading and/or leading “recitation” sections for a large lecture course taught by a faculty member to being the co-instructor or instructor of record for a class of one’s own. Assignments are based on the student’s ability, level of experience, and class schedule, and rotate every semester.

Departmental Grants

(The Aida Cannarsa Snow Endowment Fund, The Sara Jane Pyne Memorial Scholarship Fund, and The Cathleen M. Murnane Travel Scholarship Fund)

The Department of History of Art awards $10,000-$15,000 each year to our current graduate students to conduct research and present their work at conferences. Calls for applications for these grants occur twice a year (Fall and Spring). The applications are reviewed by the department’s graduate studies committee.

Other University Grants

The College of Arts and Sciences offers the Arts & Humanities Graduate Research Small Grants Program.

The Graduate Research Small Grants Program is designed to enhance opportunities for graduate students in Arts & Humanities to conduct research by offering supplemental financial support of up to $600 on a competitive basis. Applications may be submitted at any time, but they should be received by the Arts & Humanities office at least eight weeks before the date when the funds are to be used.