Majoring in History of Art


The B.A. degree with a major in the History of Art requires 39 credit hours (13 courses) from the History of Art Department.

The core curriculum is composed of four courses (12 credit hours). 

This includes:

  • One Writing Seminar (HA4001)
  • One course in Methods & Theories of Art History (HA4010)
  • One Senior Research Seminar (HA4016)
  • Either a course in Artistic Media & Techniques (HA4005) or a studio course taken in the Department of Art

Students must take at least two courses in each of the following three areas of study (with at least four courses at the 4000-level or above):

  • Mediterranean/European Art (before 1700)
  • Modern Art of Europe and the United States (after 1700)
  • Arts of Asia, Africa, and Central and South America 

Students must also take two additional courses at the 4000- or 5000-level in a chosen area of concentration, and one elective course at the 5000-level.

For more detailed course information – including offerings and descriptions – feel free to visit our Courses page.