Visual Resources Library (VRL)

The Visual Resources Library (VRL) maintains a continuously expanding collection of online digital media resources representing world art, archaeology and architecture from prehistoric periods to the present. This collection of 61,000 assets grew out of the digitization of the VRL’s traditional analog slide collection beginning in 1999. The collection primarily supports instruction in the department of History of Art, but is accessible to all faculty, researchers and students within the OSU community; select portions of the collection are available to the public.
The entire VRL digital collection was migrated to Artstor’s Shared Shelf during the summer of 2015. Access the digital library.
VRL Special Collections:
Ann Hamilton Project Archive -- LINK TO BROWSE
Jack Balcer Image Archive
William Henry Jackson Photochrome Collection -- LINK TO BROWSE
DVD/Film Collection
Visual Resources Library
5076 Smith Laboratory, 174 W. 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Michelle Maguire, Curator