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Graduate Student Resources

Being a graduate student can be one of the most rewarding and challenging times of your life. But you are not alone in this journey! Here are just a few resources that can help you meet your needs and navigate life at Ohio State and in Columbus. If you have any questions about these or other resources, feel free to ask the department staff or fellow graduate students for advice and insight.

Multicultural Center

The MCC offers several hundred programs a year - cultural and intercultural celebrations, heritage and awareness events, dialogues, workshops, student leadership and cohort meetings, prejudice reduction training, wellness initiatives and Social Justice Engagement courses. 


Student Advocacy Center

Offers assistance to students in navigating Ohio State's structure and to resolving issues that they encounter at the university. 


Office of Student Life

Offers students services related to academic partnership and career success, administrative excellence, belonging and inclusion, residential experience, student engagement and support, and health and well-being. 


Student Conduct

Student Conduct protects student rights, and offers resources related to COVID-19-related incidents and reporting, complaint and incident reporting, code of student conduct, and disciplinary records checks. 


OSU Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for the current and upcoming terms. 


OSU Registration and Fee Information

Important dates for registration and fee deadlines. 


OSU Ohio Union Activities Board Graduate and Professional Programming 

This is what your Student Activity Fee pays for, so you might as well take advantage of the events and discounts!


Graduate Associate & Fellowship Appointments 

Check the minimum number of credits you need to enroll for your appointment. 


Graduate School Minors and Interdisciplinary Specializations

Explore minor degree options that are open to any graduate student interested in developing secondary expertise. 


Graduate School FAQs  

If you have a question, no doubt someone else does, too. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Ohio State Counseling and Consultation Services

Provides comprehensive individual and group mental health services, psychoeducational prevention and outreach programming to currently enrolled graduate students. All enrolled students are eligible for 10 free counseling sessions per academic year. CCS also works with spouses/partners of students who are covered by the Comprehensive Student Health Insurance and offers couple’s counseling. To schedule an appointment: (614) 292-5766


Wilce Student Health Center

Your main resource for student health care. Offers primary care, health screening services, referrals, prescription services, vaccinations, radiology, and OBGYN services. To schedule an appointment: (614) 292-4321 or shs@osu.edu.


Ohio State Student Wellness Center

Offers education and assistance in balancing the “nine dimensions of wellness,” including information on nutrition, financial coaching, and free HIV/STI testing.


RUOK? Buckeyes

An anonymous, interactive questionnaire designed to identify if you are at-risk of suicide and resources to seek assistance. Hotline assistance is available 24/7.


Buckeye Food Alliance

The food pantry is open to all Ohio State Students and provides fresh produce, pantry staples, meat and dairy products, personal care items and more. 


OSU Suicide Prevention Program and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

(614) 221-5445 or (1-800) 273-8255

The Graduate School

The governing body of your graduate program. They dictate and detail policy and procedures.


The Registrar

The registrar keeps the academic calendar for each semester and is a vital resource for forms.


Ohio State Library Services

Your resource for research and scholarship.


Fine Arts Library

Your specialized library for research and scholarship.


Office of Distance Education and eLearning

ODEE provides assistance and resources to online instructors.


College of Arts and Sciences Technology Services | ASC Tech

ASCTech provides IT and technical assistance to all of the instructors within the College of Arts and Sciences. For immediate assistance: (614) 688-4447 or asctech@osu.edu


Office of the Chief Information Officer | OCIO | IT Help and Support

The OCIO is the broad university tech support provider. They have walk in hours at the Thompson Library and the Tech Hub, offer online and phone assistance, and provide classroom IT assistance. ocio.osu.edu/help Main line: (614) 688-4357



Ohio State learning management system and online course platform.


Teaching and Learning Resource Center

You may find answers to your questions concerning Carmen at the Teaching and Learning Resource Center, among other resources.


Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning

UITL supports and advocate for all who teach at Ohio State. UITL provides both professional development opportunities and multiple resources to assist instructors.


Classroom Services

Classroom Services manages the technology and support for classroom spaces. They would be the point of contact for AV issues inside the classroom. Classroom help line: (614) 247-4357


Council of Graduate Students

CGS is the official branch of student government that represents every graduate student at the main and satellite campuses.

Office of Student Life Disability Services
098 Baker Hall; 113 W. 12th Ave.
“Student Life Disability Services collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life.” Open to undergraduate and graduate students. Information shared with this office is confidential. 
(Voice) Phone: 614-292-3307; VRS: 614-429-1334; E-mail: slds@osu.edu

Americans with Disabiities Act (ADA) Coordinator’s Office
Ground Level, Hale Hall; 154 W. 12th Ave.
This office “is a referral point for disability related information, services and resources; provides consultation on policy reviews and facilities planning; conducts workshops and training on disability related topics; serves as a clearing house for disability related complaints; and develops disability related initiatives.” Faculty and staff with disabilities may contact the ADA Coordinator’s Office to discuss accommodations. Information shared with this office is confidential.
Contact Information: L. Scott Lissner, ADA Coordinator; (Voice) Phone: 614-292-6207; (TTY) 614-688-8605; E-mail: ada-osu@osu.edu

Office of Student Life

Offers a variety of student services related to off campus living and have an off-campus living guidebook.


University Housing

The University offers specific graduate and professional student housing.


Columbus neighborhoods

Columbus is often referred to by the boroughs and neighborhoods that make up the city. The Think-Urban site is a good place to research.