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Past Events

Past Events

2009 – Andrew Stewart (University of California, Berkeley), Innovation and Individuality in Greek Sculpture

2007 – Georges Didi-Huberman (École des Hautes Études en Science Sociales, Paris), Images of Lament, Lamentable Images?

2004 – Hayden B.J. Maginnis (McMaster University, Ontario), Rome: The Missing Maps

2001 – David Rosand (Columbia University),The Lessons of Meyer Shapiro

1998 – Michael Ann Holly (Clark Art Institute), Of Origins Known and Unknown

1997 – Michael Fried, Johns Hopkins University; Some Thoughts on Caravaggio

1994 – Joseph Koerner (Harvard University), The Family Portrait

1992 – Keith Moxey (Columbia University), Art History and Critical Theory: A Renaissance Example

1990 – W.J.T. Mitchell (University of Chicago), The Violence of Public Art: Do the Right Thing

1988 – Svetlana Alpers (University of California, Berkeley), Rubens and the Engendering of Art

1987 – Norman Bryson (Harvard University), Repressing History: Gros and Napoleon

2009 – Akiko Walley (PhD, Harvard University), Wheels within Wheels: The Yomo-ren Kyoka Circle and Hokusai’s “Book Cart and Porcelain Vase with Plum Branches” Surimono

2004 – Rebecca Zorach (PhD, University of Chicago), Pulled by night from its tomb: Animating Dead Antiquity in 16th Century France

2002 – Laura Hollengreen (PhD, University of California, Berkeley), From Calm Sobriety to Violent Sensuality: Changes in French Old Testament Imagery of the 13th Century