Honors Program


Spring 2017 recognition

Undergraduate Honors & Distinction in the Arts

The History of Art department offers honors sections of several courses, designed to be intellectually challenging. Regular Honors course offerings include History of Art 2001H (Western Art I: Ancient and Medieval Worlds), 2002H (Western Art II: The Renaissance to the Present), 2003H (East Asian Art), 3010H (Gender and Sexuality in Western Art), and 3605H (East/West Photography).

Honors students work closely with their faculty advisors and enjoy the benefits of smaller class size and priority scheduling. In addition, they receive The Honors Newsletter, and they are eligible for honors center living.

For Autumn 2017, the History of Art Honors advisor is Kris Paulsen.

Students in the Arts Honors Program often pursue significant creative projects and apply for graduation with distinction in the Arts. This is a separate process. For more information, please contact Ed Quinn (quinn.142@osu.edu) in Arts and Sciences Advising.

Requirements to enter the Arts Honors program and maintain Honors status

  • University standards: 3.4 GPA overall, Minimum 1 semester of OSU credit
  • Arts standards: 3.4 GPA overall, both GE and major, Minimum 2 semesters of OSU credit*
  • University standard: 6 Honors, upper-division (4000+) or graduate-level courses over the first 2 years (max of 2 honors embedded courses)
  • Arts standard: 3 units of Honors experiences over the first 2 years (For some majors in the Arts, this is difficult to achieve, due to limited scheduling opportunities in the GE, few Honors offerings in the major programs, and lock-step curriculum in the majors. The Arts standard allows students to defer 1 unit until the third year if necessary, reflecting the individualistic, focused nature in the arts.)

For more information on honors programs, please contact the University Honors and Scholars Program.