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There are four groupings of courses required for the History of Art major, totaling 39 credit hours, or 13 courses.

Group A consists of the four core classes all majors must take before graduation.

  • HA4001: Writing in History of Art (take as early as possible in your major plan)
  • HA4005: Intro to Artistic Media and Techniques (students may also take a Studio Art course to fulfill this requirement)
  • HA4010: Intro to Methods and Theories of Art (typically offered in Spring semesters)
  • HA4016: Senior Seminar in History of Art (typically offered in Autumn semesters)

Group B consists of 6 courses, or 18 credit hours, of electives within certain areas of study.

  • Area 1: Two courses focusing on Mediterranean & European Art before 1700
  • Area 2: Two courses focusing on the Modern Art of Europe and the US after 1700
  • Area 3: Two courses focusing on the Arts of Asia, Africa, and Central & South America

Group C consists of two courses within a specific area of concentration at or above the 4000-level from one of the three areas listed in Group B. One of these courses must be at the 5000-level.

Group D consists of one additional elective from any area at the 5000-level.

Please see the linked Advising Worksheets for a full breakdown of all courses required and the number of credit hours needed within each focus group.

Students in the new GEN General Education curriculum use:

Students in the LEGACY General Education curriculum use:


For more detailed course information – including offerings and descriptions – feel free to visit our Courses page.