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Congratulations to Professor Christian Kleinbub, the most recent recipient of the Rodica C. Botoman Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring, which supports a member of the Humanities faculty who best exemplifies excellence as a teacher of undergraduates. While the emphasis is on outstanding performance in the classroom, the selection committee also considers the nominee's performance as a mentor or advisor and use of innovative teaching strategies for the advancement of learning.
     And also to Professor Namiko Kunimoto, a recent recipient of the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, which annually recognizes a maximum of ten faculty members for their teaching excellence. “At every opportunity, [Professor Kunimoto] has shown that she is a caring person with compassion toward everyone around her from the classroom, to the campus, to the greater community,” one of Kunimoto's students wrote.




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Professor Emeritus
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Associate Professor of Art and History of Art

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