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Pomerene Hall

Pomerene Hall


Pomerene Hall was built in 1922 as the first women's center and recreational facility, containing a gymnasium, study rooms, and a pool. Prior to the construction of Pomerene, women only had one study room on campus.

Pomerene underwent a two-year renovation process that was completed in 2018. Much of the original structure of the building was kept, and some of the original doors, light fixtures, and fireplaces remain part of the building today. The spaces that once housed the pool and gym now serve as classrooms and an Ideation Zone for the Translational Data Analytics Institute (read more about TDAI spaces and Pomerene Hall's history here). The renovation also included the addition of a three-story atrium. This space features a three-story mural of a drawing by Sol Lewitt, which was painted on the wall by four Ohio State students.

Today, Pomerene Hall houses the History of Art Department. The department's offices and can be found on the second floor. The undergraduate and graduate lounges provide dedicated spaces for our students to study and socialize. We also have two classrooms designed for seminars. 


picture of groundbreaking of Pomerene