Picture for andrews.2

Julia Andrews
Distinguished University Professor
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese art
  • Chinese and Japanese art,...

Picture for armstrong.202

Philip Armstrong
  • Visual Culture
  • Political Theory


Allison Buenger
Administrative Coordinator

CWB Mathison

Christina Burke Mathison
  • Taiwanese Art, particularly Modern...
  • Chinese Painting

Picture for crane.1

Howard Crane
Professor Emeritus
  • Islamic Art and Architecture

Picture for florman.4

Lisa Florman
Chair, Professor
  • Historiography
  • 20th Century European Art

Picture for fullerton.1

Mark Fullerton
Professor History of Art and Classics
  • Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology

gluibizzi portrait

Amanda Gluibizzi
Associate Professor of Art and History...
  • Modern and Contemporary Art and...

Picture for green.31

J. Ronald Green
Professor Emeritus
  • Film Studies

Picture for groseclose.1

Barbara Groseclose
Professor Emeritus
  • Visual Culture of British India
  • German-American Art
  • American Painting and Sculpture

Picture for haeger.1

Barbara Haeger
Associate Professor
  • Northern Baroque Art

Picture for hamann.40

Byron Hamann
Associate Professor
  • Prehispanic Mesoamerica
  • Early Modern Latin America
  • Early Modern Europe

Picture for huntington.2

John Huntington
Professor Emeritus
  • Inner and East Asian Art, Asian...

Picture for huntington.1

Susan Huntington
Distinguished University Professor...
  • South Asian Art and Culture
  • Buddhist Art and Artifacts

Christian Kleinbub

Christian Kleinbub
Associate Professor, Chair of Graduate...
(614) 688-8186
  • 15th & 16th Century Italian...

Picture for kunimoto.3

Namiko Kunimoto
Associate Professor
  • Japanese Art, particularly modern...
  • Photography

Picture for latorre.13

Guisela Latorre
Associate Professor
  • Modern and Contemporary U.S....

Picture for levin.1996

Erica Levin
Assistant Professor
  • Avant-Garde and Experimental Cinema
  • Post-War and Contemporary Art
  • Performance

Michelle Maguire photo

Michelle Maguire
614 688-8187

Danny Marcus

Daniel Marcus
  • Modern and Contemporary Art

Picture for mcniven.1

Timothy McNiven
Associate Professor (Marion Campus)
  • Greek and Roman Art

Picture for melville.3

Stephen Melville
Professor Emeritus
  • Contemporary Art, Theory and...

Picture for meyer.113

Arline Meyer
Associate Professor Emeritus
  • 18th Century European Art

Picture for morganstern.2

Anne Morganstern
Professor Emeritus
  • European Late Medieval and...

Picture for morganstern.1

James Morganstern
Professor Emeritus
  • Early Christian and Byzantine Art...
  • Western Medieval Architecture

Picture for mudrak.1

Myroslava Mudrak
Professor Emeritus
  • The Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde
  • Ukrainian Art
  • 19th and 20th Century European...

Kris Paulsen photo

Kris Paulsen
Associate Professor
  • Contemporary Art
  • Video Art
  • New Media Art and Theory

Picture for richardson.3

Francis Richardson
Professor Emeritus
  • Venetian Art of the Renaissance

Picture for shelton.85

Andrew Shelton
(614) 688-8190
  • 18th & 19th Century European...

Gabrielle Stephens

Gabrielle Stephens
Graduate Program Coordinator

Picture for svede.1

Mark Svede

Picture for van-beurden.1

Sarah Van Beurden
Associate Professor
614- 292-9298
  • African History
  • African Art History
  • Museum Studies

Picture for verzar.1

Christine Verzar
Professor Emeritus
  • Italian Medieval Art
  • Medieval Art

Picture for whittington.78

Karl Whittington
Associate Professor, Chair of...
  • Medieval Art and Architecture